009: Menopause Myth #4: You Will Never Enjoy Sex Again

Vaginal dryness and low libido can make sex the last thing on your mind during menopause. Learn what's up with these symptoms and actions you can take.https://rhondanp.com/009-menopause-myth-4-you-will-never-enjoy-sex-again/

Welcome to Episode #009

Menopause Myth #4: You Will Never Enjoy Sex Again

Really? Never?

Of course not!  However, due to the hormonal shifts during perimenopause and menopause many familiar things change. It’s nothing your momma ever told you about and certainly nothing you expect.

Sexual health and the challenges related to this topic can be one of the most bothersome and discouraging of all of our perimenopause and menopause symptoms.

There may be pain involved (vaginal dryness).  There’s emotion wrapped up inside of this whole thing too.  You may feel as if you’re losing something that has been a part of your life and your relationship with your spouse or partner. Loss of libido is a common symptom during this time. You don’t know what to think, how to articulate your feelings or frankly, what to do next to make it better.

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In this episode

  • What is happening in your body to cause these challenges
  • Some of the related symptoms: vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, loss of libido
  • Natural products and some new procedures that may help including Thermiva and the O Shot
  • The power of communication with your spouse/partner

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