010: Time for a Career Change?

Career Change could be the thing to do in menopause

Menopause and Career Change

How satisfied are you with your current job or career choice?  Do you love what you are doing as well as your company and your co-workers? Or, do you look around each day during work hours and think, “What, am I still doing here if I am so unhappy?”  Menopause is an ideal time to stop and evaluate these topics.

Many of my patients tell me of their dissatisfaction with their work.  Some have grown to a place of silent suffering (or maybe not so silent), stress, sadness or downright dread as it relates to their employment.

At menopause (around your early 50s) more than likely you may plan to work for at least 10 to 15 more years.  So, why be miserable?  We give you permission to explore this topic a little deeper.  Will changing things up a bit be a new direction to consider?

Menopause is a time of explosive creativity.  You may be unfamiliar with this concept, but it is true.  Many of my patients express their interest or passion in a whole host of areas during menopause.  These things can range from a new hobby, like painting, or even learning a new language.  This creativity can also be expressed  by starting a business or perhaps volunteering for the first time for a non-profit whose mission resonates with you.

A multi-faceted topic, we look at these areas related to career change consideration in this podcast:

  • Know yourself – what makes you happy? What are you really good at?
  • Money matters – or does it?
  • Professional help might be a good idea – what role can a career counselor play?
  • Transferrable skills – identify your core skills and applicability across many different jobs/careers
  • Face your fears – identify your core go-to group for idea sharing, validation and support
  • Categorize and explore all of your options: consulting, part time, temp work, entrepreneur, etc.


Resources in mentioned in this episode


You’ll never know until you try!  🙂

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