018: Announcing 3 Menopause Secrets Free Live Training

3 Menopause Secrets Webinar

In This Episode

  • Learn details about the FREE live training webinar – May 17th and May 18th sessions available.
  • Discover new details about Menopause University and the inaugural class of “Menopause 101”.
  • (Registration opens May 17th.)

Feeling confused, frustrated, beat up, maybe even desperate about your new and maybe weird symptoms? Listen to the podcast!

Consider This...

What have you been doing about your perimenopause and menopause symptoms?

  • Ignoring them?
  • Suffering?
  • Not sure how to handle everything that is coming at you (mood swings, hot flashes, brain fog, anxiety, thoughts of aging, etc.)
  • Trying some strategies but nothing is helping?

This is the new opportunity you’re looking for to regain balance in your perimeonpause and menopause experience.

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