024: Special Guest Katrina McGhee, Founder, Loving on Me


Transition Time: Menopause!

Are feelings of self-doubt, lack of confidence or not knowing your life’s purpose crushing your spirit?

It can happen at different times for many women.  You may hold yourself to unattainable standards or worse, believe all of the negative waves that beat down on you from media related to aging.

You’re too old to be doing that, dressing like that, trying that. You’re not thin enough, successful enough, sexy enough, or patient enough.

Enough already!  Trust me, not everyone is as happy as they appear on social media! 😉

Times of Transition

During the transition of perimenopause and menopause, (as you approach your mid-40s when your perimenopause symptoms may start to show up (disrupted sleep, irregular menstrual cycles, mood swings, anxiety, hot flashes, etc.) there is more going on than you think.

These years are supercharged with change in everything; emotional, physical and spiritual.  (Seriously, that one is an understatement!) There’s a lot going on and negative talk and self-sabotage may become worse.  Most women aren’t ready or prepared to handle many of the issues associated with this time in our lives.

Well, let’s fix that!

Our Special Guest

Katrina McGhee, will inspire and motivate you no matter where you are in your journey.  She is the founder of Loving on Me, a global empowerment movement that inspires and motivates women to be who they were created to be.

In her new book, “Loving on Me – Lessons learned on the journey from MESS to MESSAGE”, Katrina shares how you can break free from the status quo for good.  Discover how to get more out of life than just going through the motions, and be ignited to live fully, completely and abundantly!  (She even has a free 12 week video learning series included.)

Meet Katrina

Katrina McGhee http://lovingonme.com/

Founder Katrina McGhee recognized the need to redefine herself when, in 2012, an unexpected crisis caused her to abruptly leave her dream job.

As she raced to find out what she should DO, she realized, through God’s grace, that she needed to find out who she should BE.

That led to a radical evolution in thinking – she realized that value and worth are NOT determined by the good things we do.  Our value to this world comes from being the person we are created to be.

That is why she founded Loving on Me, a global movement that encourages women to love themselves more, to own their power to choose and to boldly embrace their divine assignment.

Katrina says, “For when we accept who we were created to be, our whole world explodes with possibility.”

Pretty cool, huh!

Episode Breakdown

In this episode, we are thrilled to interview absolute dynamo and force for good, Katrina McGhee.

Here’s a peek into our conversation with time stamps if you want to jump to a certain part.

(2:15)      Why she started “Loving on Me” – to  teach women how to lead in every aspect in life.

(2:45)      Why Rhonda is recommending Katrina’s new book to some of her patients who need to hear this message!

(3:33)     How Katrina’s message inspires and impacts lives from 20s somethings to people in their 70s because life changes in every season.

(5:00)      Practical tips about actions you can take right now.

(5:45)      The role of grief in menopause.  There are many changes which can also be perceived as a loss.

(7:39)      “Grow” through things vs. “go” through them.

(8:00)      “I Am Enough” concept explained.  As women, from the “womb to the tomb there is a war on our self-worth.” Amen!

(10:10)     Katrina’s tips for women who struggle with the “I Am Enough” concept.(12:32)     Rhonda’s Tip for lifting depression.

(14:09)     Rhonda’s secret to mid-life happiness.

(15:09)     What Katrina’s got going on at Loving on Me that you might be interested in checking out!

(16:44)    Go Get Your More – a FREE 52 week video series to unlock what God has in store for you.

(18:02)    Power in telling our own stories – don’t compare yourself to others; it’s about being who YOU were created to be.

(18:44)    When you pursue your passion; your purpose will be revealed.

(20:14)    Currently writing her second book, Katrina shares why these two books were not what she set out to write.

(20:24)    The power of forgiveness; healing from a health perspective and when it happens during a season of change.

(25:08)    It is a great time to mentor younger women as part of our transition; a knowledge transfer to the next generation.  Secret: The thing that millennials get right.

(26:00)   Finding the positive parts of menopause.

(28:14)   The value in your unique body of experience – share it!

Rhonda’s Message

Balance your menopause experience with natural solutions and regain control to live the life you love. Learn more at https://www.jolliffeinstitute.com

(30:52) Rhonda’s final thoughts/challenge:  You’re never too old to do anything you WANT to do!

Check out this AWESOME video with “badas* female role models about accomplishing big things at any age.

Rhonda’s challenge for you: Loving on me first and then spreading to others.

(A daily challenge for you) Each morning think, “How am I going to make someone’s day today?”

Katrina’s Message

Katrina McGhee http://lovingonme.com/

(29:30) Katrina’s final thoughts about loving yourself in this season.

Best tip: You set the tone for your day!  Surround yourself with positive affirmations.  Don’t let others dictate how you will feel.

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