026: Vaginal Dryness and Low Libido During Menopause

026 Vaginal dryness and low libido during menopause

Pelvic Health in Menopause

Vaginal dryness? Low libido? Yikes!

In addition to the mood swings, hot flashes and weight gain, there’s other symptoms on your list that might be causing you worry these days.  Would you ever imagine that these topics would be anything you would need to consider?  But they are for many women.  And, it’s may embarrassing and hard to talk about.

These issues associated with a women’s nether regions can be one of the biggest concerns during  menopause.  Of course there are others to think about too with this area like vaginal prolapse, urinary incontinence, and inability to orgasm which are topics for another podcast/post.  Stay tuned!

During perimenopause, typically around your mid 40s things begin to transform as estrogen levels decrease.

As your menstrual cycle begins to shift which is a natural progression, your vaginal area goes through some changes.

Due to the change of hormones, as estrogen begins to leave your body, the tissue of your vaginal walls become thinner.  Along with this thinning, intercourse, as you might imagine, may be painful.

Episode Breakdown

This episode is packed with information on this delicate topic.  You can jump to a specific time stamp or listen to the entire episode.

(3:03)   Learn why the statement, “it still works, it’s just dry” makes us mad.  It’s more complicated than that!
(3:50)   Why vaginal tissue is changing.
(4:30)   A high percentage of women have this issue.
(4:50)   Dryness in younger women may occur with birth control use.
(5:58)   Vaginal wrinkles? The reason…a change in hormones.
(6:20)   Surges in libido/sex drive?  Why does this happen?
(7:11)   Does this change happen gradually or all at once?
(8:00)   Holistic strategies are the best approach.
(8:55)   The high risk of divorce and vicious cycle with your sex life.
(10:16) Get real with your partner.
(11:15) Rhonda’s Lifestyle Formula (Adrenal support required!)
(12:30) Natural Strategy – Julva Cream – it’s kind of magic!
(15:26) What is the O’Shot?
(16:00) How does the ThermiVa treatment work? How long does it last?
(19:03) Why is Mighty Maca a good supplement to use for this symptom?
(20:24) Rhonda’s closing thoughts and words of encouragement.

Rhonda’s Natural Strategies

But, don’t worry!  There are MANY natural strategies to help with these bothersome symptoms.  We talk about all of these tips and more in the podcast.

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