As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, I need to know the quality of the products I recommend. I have chosen companies that only sell to healthcare practitioners, therefore must have the highest integrity in their products.


Setting the Global Quality Standard in Clinical Nutrition

NutriDyn™ collaborates with a select few branded manufacturers who have multiple GMP registrations, organic, kosher, and non-GMO certifications, and undergo audits from various government and private agencies. They take quality assurance seriously and only work with manufacturers who meet the highest standards. Be assured that a NutriDyn™ product is tested for purity potency, identity, and microbials. The purity of ingredients, reliability of claims, and effectiveness of the product is why over 9,000 healthcare practitioners worldwide trust NutriDyn™ as their partner in health.


Professional Grade Products Delivered to Your Door

I have partnered with Fullscript for the convenience of distributing professional grade products that I recommend directly to your door. I use these products in my clinic and find that quality supplements are important for me to recommend as a prevention and treatment as well as safety. There are an overwhelming number of products on the market today and not all standards of practice are the same, so I choose distribution companies that only pick the highest quality products, and Fullscript is one of those.

Full Script

In partnership with the best professional-grade supplement brands

Fullscript has made it easy for healthcare providers to distribute professional grade supplements to be delivered to your door. Their choice of partnering companies are some of the best in the industry and you can be assured that you are receiving safe and effective high quality supplements. In addition to supplements Fullscipt carries many organic and toxic free body care brands that I recommend.

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