006: Menopause Mindset

Gratitude and menopause

Menopause Mindset: Your New Secret Weapon

Do you know the difference between a fun-filled, exciting and satisfying day and a downright crappy one?

Is it the juicy projects you tackle at work, the idiosyncrasies of a co-worker or the unexpected visit from a friend that make or break your day? Well, it’s not the series of events, people or circumstances you experience within a 24-hour time period that dictate how your day turns out.  It’s your mindset.

What makes up mindset anyway?  Is it upbringing, attitude, natural disposition or maybe a combination of these things?  Perhaps, it’s a new way to look at something, a paradigm shift in your current thinking or a swift kick in the butt that shakes your viewpoint to try on new perspective.

Menopause is the perfect time to develop a shiny new mindset.

This mindset is full of possibility, not pity.  It is open to opportunity and does not fall into the ditch of depression.  It is empowered and does not embrace the victim perspective that society seems to push on us through marketing and aging stereotypes.

The best part is that mindset is yours.  You get to shape it through choice.  You choose which way to go.  Will you select the direction of bitter and negative or optimistic and energized about this natural transition in your life?

Of course, for some, this positive mindset might be unthinkable in the midst of new and challenging symptoms like hot flashes, anxiety, mood swings, sexual dysfunction and foggy brain.  Let’s face it…this menopause stuff can be rough.

In this episode

  • Menopause is not a disease
  • The positive pieces of menopause
  • How testosterone plays a key role in mindset (hint…this one is life changing!)
  • Changing biology equals greater creativity
  • Positive mindset and health outcomes
  • The gratitude/mindset connection and how to harness its power
  • Why society and the media have it all wrong

…plus more

Prefer to read this episode instead?  Click here to download the transcript of this week’s episode.

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