Natural and Safe Solutions for Menopause Symptoms for the Breast Cancer Survivor

We have something to share that is a little different from our normal blog post. My partner, Christine Dockter, has a long-standing relationship with a wonderful non-profit group in Portland, Oregon, Breast Friends. They help women survive the trauma of cancer, one friend at a time.  They’ve been making a huge impact on thousands of women and their families for more than a decade.

Through Voice America, they have a weekly radio show called “Breast Friends Cancer Support Radio Network”. Dr. Rhonda is featured on their show this week. The topic is natural and safe solutions for menopause symptoms for the breast cancer survivor.

Women with breast cancer are often times thrown into menopause immediately as a result of their treatment. There are many important considerations for a women in this situation. We go into depth on details during the show.

Topics In the Episode

  • Meditation
  • Adaptogen herbs
  • Acupuncture
  • Essential oils
  • Coconut oil
  • Bio-identical hormones

We were so happy to be asked to be on their show. The information that I share for strategies on symptom relief is safe for the breast cancer (or any cancer) survivor.

Chris joined me on the show and we had an opportunity to talk a little about Dr. Rhonda and why we started our business to help women in menopause.

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Click Here for the Podcast at Voice America

Wrapping Up

  • Menopause symptoms can be tough but especially rough on a cancer survivor.  Cancer treatments may cause swift departure of estrogen within a few days versus gradually as occurs in natural menopause.
  • Understanding the safe and natural solutions available will provide peace of mind for the cancer survivor and those who love and support her.

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