012: Free Hot Flash Mini Course Opens

Menopause University Hot Flash Mini Course

Hot Flash Mini Course Opens

Ever wonder what is going on with these crazy things called “Hot Flashes”?  Do you want to learn how you can make things better through natural solutions?  We knew it!  That’s why we created our new FREE mini course all about hot flashes.

Do you get hot flashes? Do they kind of freak you out or make you feel uncomfortable because you’re not quite sure how to make them better?  You are not alone.

Hot flashes are the number one symptom associated with menopause.  The biology of a hot flash is only one side of the equation. Psychological pieces come into play too.  For instance, they can be unpredictable and embarrassing.  Ever get a hot flash during an important meeting or at the most inappropriate time?  The pits!

Although there are a lot of hilarious comics floating around social media, there is a serious side too.  Hot flash symptoms left unchecked may cause significant issues with sleep, concentration and self esteem.

In this episode:

  • Learn a little about hot flashes and what to expect in our free mini course.
  • Units in the course include: hot flash biology, hot flash research, risk factors, natural remedies and more.
  • We also treveal a tiny sneak peek into our upcoming big course, Menopause 101, opening in April.

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